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  1. An Open Apology

    January 1, 2012 by RedSheep

    Me and major 6ths don’t have a lot in common, and I’ve never given them all that much thought. Like a wallflower or a database administrator they’re not considered much by your average joe musician, and for that mistake, major 6ths, I apologise. I recently got in bed with your sister, the minor 6th and she’s been distracting me

    I’vedone theory to the point that I know you share many of the qualities of a major 3rd, I see you as tasty padding for the octaves. Your jazzy dissonance never really fitted with my rock prog past, and I never really knew what you could help me with.

    It wasn’t until I recently started ear training again that I noticed you there in the corner of this tiny little bar. I heard you and while I could mimic the other intervals via the songs they’re in or by the mood they convey, you always eluded me and even after some real head searching I couldn’t find you in any songs. As I sit here now I believe you were in conquest of paradise

    As an apology I dedicate these 3 pieces to you. All extensively using your skill personality and quality to tantalise and caress my ears. While the other intervals make an appearance for character development, you are the protagonist, thirds be damned!

    I now see you as the secret temptress, you wouldn’t think it by your shy demeanour but once you’re comfortable with someone you don the garters, feathers and corsets and these the listener masterfully. In your element you dance between a perfect fifth and a dissonant seventh with just enough rough to keep it interesting. Jazz heads around the world have fallen for your charms and been sucked in for years, but then there’s also Mario and an old folk tune that took you on to boot!

    Yours apologetically