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If You’re Not The Best, Forget It

May 15, 2012 by RedSheep

I’m a big fan of a man called Seth Godin who is technically a marketing guru by title but he is much more than that, he says things that are profound, true, and benefit humanity far more than they benefit Seth.  Seth’s blog is a weekly source of great knowledge for anyone that wants to benefit themselves, on any walk of life.

One of Seth’s lessons is that if you can’t be the best in the world at something, you’re wasting your time on it.  By world he means a specific sector, like the world of prog rock.  the world of guitar, the world of Funk-Rock.  These are all different areas with a number 1 at any given time.  In my world Dream Theater are the best all round progressive rock band,  The Ipad is the best tablet, and WordPress is the best blogging platform.

This concept has got me to thinking, what am I best at in the world?  Well, as it happens I have the most viewed odd time guitar signature lesson on Youtube.

I also have the most viewed Fenton Parody on Youtube, but I digress

Instead of playing catchup on your favourite bands, why not focus on where you excel.  Find the openings where you can be number 1, no matter what the Niche is.  As a little teaser the best I’m going after right now is the worlds best Composition on an Ipad.  What’s yours?