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Every Musician Should Have Heard… 2112

December 21, 2011 by RedSheep

In lieu of the date (21/12) It is only fitting that this week’s EMSHH is the Rush game changer 2112.  It marked the beginning of a long journey into the depths of synth and progressive rock not only for Rush, but for millions of fans around the globe.  


2112 Album Cover

And the meek shall inherit the earth...

So good that it’s one of my life goals to hear this live, 2112 is a dietary requirement for anyone with progressive rock in their bones.  30 seconds of synth, A beasting odd time signature intro and an epic tale of dystopia, dreaming and destruction, 2112 is set, oddly enough, in the year 2112 and tells the story of a desolate world where music is gone and one man finds a guitar.  taking it to the elders he shows them the beauty of music, but they take the guitar away and tell him to go on with his life.  The loss of music and freedom leaves the man numb and wishing for a world of freedom, which he can never have.  As the album ends total control over the people is taken.

The story is only one half of the genius though.  The music ticks every box there is to tick.  It’s got power, technicality, emotion, structure, surprises and it’s all done by just 3 guys, lookup “Power Trio” in the dictionary and you’ll find a picture of Rush.  The one thing that I cant stand about the 2112 song is that the total length is 20:34, I mean come on guys!  it’s only 26 more seconds of synth to make it up!!!

Seriously though a message to Rush:  This album has been a huge inspiration to me.  For everything the album stands for, Thank You